Dobre! Polish Food

Branding Project. Dobre Polish Food is a restaurant serving tradition Polish food in a new contemporary Polish environment. Traditional Polish paper cutting was paired with a new modern look and feel. Along with the fun, bright, and warm color creating an inviting and friendly atmosphere welcoming to everyone young, old, and everyone in between.

The restaurant will be set up similar to that of Applebee. Give the restaurant the ability to be in multiple areas and place throw out a state.  Serving the same menu at each franchise making it a warm and familiar place to visit where every a person may be, or go.

The menu is simple and light with tradition polish food paired with a bit of a modern flavor to bring a new twist to what people might think of Polish food. Bring a new look to an otherwise over looked culinary experience. The featured menu item being the pierogies and the new flavor combinations. Making sure there is a new or traditional flavor for every taste palate.